It is 1:40 on thursday and it is snowing in Roanoke Rapids is it supposed to be or is this a fluke?

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Priscilla Dorer
MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Priscilla,      I was off duty on Thursday and Friday, however in my radio forecasts for central NC on Wednesday, I included "isolated afternoon or evening sprinkles and flurries for northern sections of the state" for Thursday, due to the expected passage of a strong, but moisture limited upper level disturbance and the accompanying rush of colder air aloft that might help destabilize the air just enough for some light precipitation. I expected borderline temperature at that time, along with rather fleeting precipitation and very small amounts, so it was impossible to be certain whether snowflakes would make it to the surface without melting, but the potential seemed to be there, and radar echoes did form in the expected area Thursday afternoon. In checking observations from home through the afternoon, I noted a few official sites, generally north and northeast of Raleigh, reported a trace of precipitation, some in the form of light rain, but the only one nearby that definitely reported flurries was Emporia VA, so thanks for helping me confirm my forecast!

We did get a few other reports as well - here are some of those...

Today is Thursday. Jan 25, 2007, 2:06pm. Was there snow flurries predicted today for northern Durham? I saw flurries for about two min. No lie.      Mary Ann Rich

Someone told a fellow agent in our office it was snowing in Henderson around 3:00 today. Is that correct?    Linda

Dear meteorologists, On January 24 at 2:40 or so I saw snow flakes. It didn't last long. My family thinks I'm crazy for seeing the snow. Was it possible that I saw snow?      Rebecca Lineberry

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