Tonight, January 24, around 7:55PM, my daughter was traveling north on the Durham Freeway and noticed a slow streak of light in the NW sky. She said it was about 55-60 degrees above the horizon. At first she thought it was a shooting star, but it moved too slowly. As she watched, it brightened and then pieces shot off from the main center. All faded as they fell. Was anything reported as re-entering the atmosphere tonight or what is your thought on what she might have seen?

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Nina Bruni
MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Brenda and Nina,     It appears there was a large, slow moving fireball (very bright meteor) for the second night in a row, not unlike a similar event the previous night (see the Q&A immediately prior to this one). As I mentioned below, you can check other reports or make your own to the American Meteor Society at

We received another report on this one as well:

Has anyone else reported seeing something odd in the sky last night? My son & a friend saw a large ball of fire fall from the sky around 8:00 pm. They were in southern Franklin County and said it was in the direction of Wake Co. THey said it was huge compared to airplanes that you see at night and had flames shooting off it. It disappeared into the trees. We thought we would have heard something on the news about it.       Sarah Strickland

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