I am a Wake Forest resident. This morning (1/10) at 9 AM my 4 year daughter said she saw a shooting star as we were driving her to pre-school. I dismissed it as an overactive imagination. But, lo and behold, I too saw a shooting star (meteorite) at 9:45 AM as I was walking to the store. Did anyone else see any meteorites during this time frame? Was it a meteorite shower? Dean Lang

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Dean,    On Jan 10, there is only a very weak meteor shower underway, and it is quite unusual to see meteors bright enough to be visible in the daytime as well. I looked for any news articles about an especially bright meteor or perhaps a satellite re-entry that day, but could not turn anything up as yet. If someone else saw this or heard about an event that would explain it, feel free to add your inputs in the comments section.

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