Why do you show kerr lake normal 295.5 when the corps of engineers and all those who have lived there for 30 years use 299.5 for winter? Wesley Higdon

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Wesley,     According to the Kerr Reservoir Guide curve that we were provided by the Corps of Engineers, the target level for Kerr Lake is 299.5 from mid-June through the end of October. For December, January and February the curve drops to 295.5 and so we show that during those months as the "normal" for that time frame. The other lakes on our graphic have a single guide curve level that applies all year. You can see the guide curve level, along with observed readings, for the past 6 months at this Corps of Engineers page:

If you scroll down through this file, you will see the guide number for Kerr fall to 295.5 as of the beginning of December.

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