Hi - Where on your website can I consistently find a forecast that includes wind mph? We need to plan for kite-flying. Thanks! Susan

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Susan,   you may have noticed by now that we have added a general wind direction and speed forecast for each day of the 5-day period in the text area next to the 5-day graphic. These are meant for general planning purposes and can't always capture details like a morning wind shift or a period of calm winds in the morning or late afternoon, but should give you a good starting point. When there are additional details that seem important regarding winds in the first two days or so of the forecast period, we try to make mention of that in our forecast write-ups. Also note that the range of speeds we show are mainly meant to indicate the range of sustained winds for the day (two minute averages). Again, if we think winds will be 10-20 mph with a few gusts to 30, for example, we'll usually mention the gusts in the description of that day's weather.

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