What classes would you recommend a high shool freshman to take in the future if he want to become a meteorologist? Dick Dingee

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Dick,    The high school courses I usually recommend to students looking toward a meteorology degree are math (the most advanced available at your school), physics, chemistry, and computer science. To supplement these nicely, courses in geography and geology, along with writing and public speaking, are excellent selections. In most branches of science, there are numerous opportunities to write technical reports, manuals, and journal articles, and to present information to customers or at lectures, seminars, etc, hence the suggestions about writing and public speaking courses.

I'd also suggest some web sites you might like to visit for more background on the kinds of college courses to prepare for and about meteorology as a career.

First, here is a page at NCSU that describes the meteorology program and contains links to a lot of course information:

This one specifically outlines a typical course progression to obtain a B.S. in meteorology, and would be closely reflective of programs at most other colleges and universities as well:

These two addresses have some good information on the wide variety of meteorology and atmospheric science careers that are available:

Good luck!

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