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Can you give me a temperature for Youngsville?      Hunter

MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Hunter,   I'm not sure if you mean a good place to look for a temperature reading specific to that area. Since there is no "official" observation for Youngsville (such as an FAA or National Weather Service report), one alternative is to use the nearest such observations available, which will usually get you a pretty good estimate. For Youngsville, readings from the Louisburg airport and the Raleigh-Durham airport should work well in many cases. Here are addresses for those observations:


To find a reading from Youngsville itself, you can check a site called Weather Underground to see if if someone there has a home weather station connected to the Internet. Here is an example that I found by going to, typing, "Youngsville, NC" into the Find the Weather box at the top of the page, and then scrolling through the list of home weather stations toward the bottom of the site.

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