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Mike Moss
Hi everyone. As those of you who check in on the WeatherCenter blog know by now, we had a bit of a transition issue carrying over the old way of doing this question and answer forum on our new web site.

In fact, we'll probably continue to do a little tweaking over the next few weeks, but we do now have a way to answer some of the questions that have been flooding in since the new site opened for business a little over a week ago.

I'd like to thanks everyone who took time to post a question, and to note that there were LOTS of you! Where our old site resulted in about 5-10 new questions a week (give or take) we got over a hundred in the just the first 5 days or so with this site. That's a good thing for the most part, but it does mean that we'll likely have more questions than we can possibly answer for a while.

Nonetheless, stay with us and we'll try to hit as many as we can. If this all works as expected, you'll also be able to search this site for past answers, just in case someone has already asked the same thing. With that, I again thank you for your interest, and we'll get started...

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