Sweat now...chill off later!

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Ah April seems like a weather roller coaster this month. From warm to cold and back again. Well it seems the weather this week is no different. A ridge of high pressure at the surface and aloft encompasses much of the Eastern part of the country and North Carolina is being affected too. This ridge will break down by Thursday allowing a cold front to venture into the state. This should create showers and storms Thursday afternoon and evening mainly in the northern half of the state. It will likely stall here creating a wide temperature range on Friday. Finally Saturday morning another cold front will sweep through from west to east and bring in cooler air during the day. We may start with our highs in the 60s in the morning Saturday and see temperatures fall into the 50s in the afternoon. Sunday appears the coldest with it being variably cloudy and windy with a few showers. The highs Sunday may remain in the 50s....wishing for the 80s to stay?????