Get Ready, Set, Sweat!

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Wow! That's a great way to describe the weather over the past few days. The combination of mild temperatures, low humidity and abundant sunshine has made for some awesome weather. However, this is about to come to a screeching halt in the next 24 hours.

First off, high pressure that has been bringing us some comfortable air will start to steer some warmer, moist air in from the south and southeast. This will increase the humidity over the next few days. This increase in low-level moisture will also give aid in developing some afternoon thunderstorms the next several days as well.

Secondly, we have a weak upper-level trough of low pressure that this afternoon created showers and storms over the lower and mid Mississippi Valley. This feature is approaching North Carolina and tonight will bring clouds to the western half of the state. Tomorrow afternoon with the increase in low-level moisture and heating from the sun, the trough of low pressure will activate developing showers and storms. By the end of the day and into the evening some of these will drift into the western part of our viewing area(The Sandhills, Chatham, Orange,Person counties). Overnight Tuesday the showers and storms will die off due to lack of heating. They should though re-fire Wednesday afternoon. By that point the trough will have moved further east and will bring storms more to the Triangle and Coastal Plain counties.

Finally, by Thursday the trough shifts eastward, a ridge of high pressure builds aloft and this means greater heat, fewer storms, and with the low-level moisture here, summer-like humidity(UGH!!!!!!!)

I have a feeling more and more of us(me especially) will be cranking up the AC!!!
Keep COOL.