First Impressions...A Sticky Forecast!

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After a quick scan of the models this afternoon it appears one thing is certain. It is going to get very warm if not hot over the next couple of days.

The feature that is developing showers and storms in the Western part of the state as I write now does not appear to be coming toward us on Wednesday. It will develop into a cut-off low and drift to the south and southeast tonight and tomorrow. If you check out this National Weather Service Radar out of Greer,SC ( you can actually see the counter-clockwise rotation indicating low pressure. You will need to click on the loop function next to short range to see the rotation. Real cool stuff!

We previously thought this feature would bring us showers and storms Wednesday. This will likely not be the case. What we will have is highs in the mid 80s tomorrow and upper 80s-90 degrees on Thursday. You couple that with dew points in the 60s and you get a sticky summer-like feel.

Ozone Forecast for Wednesday is CODE YELLOW.