Cool First Day of June????

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This May is going to definitely go down in the history books as being one of the cooler ones we have seen. We will tally the climate information later this week. What is even more interesting is how we are going to begin June on Wednesday!

If you are a weather enthusiast and look at the upper level winds, you will see an interesting split flow that is more reminiscent of winter than late Spring. The telltale signs are there for a hybrid cold air damming event to develop for Wednesday and Thursday.

Aloft as we speak there is a westerly flow, but by Wednesday it becomes more southwesterly advecting moisture towards North Carolina. At the surface the next few days, high pressure will ridge down the Appalachians with drier air. When we have the southwest moisture-laden wind overrun the drier air at the surface we tend to see overcast conditions develop and rain break out. This scenario is appearing likely. What is even more interesting is the potential for evaporative cooling to take place. A cold day for Wednesday?????

High pressure will continue to feed that relatively drier air into the region during the day Wednesday and into Thursday. Dew points will be in the 50s. With the rain falling into the drier air mass, evaporative cooling will take place keeping the surface temperatures rather cool. There is the potential we could stay in the 60s the entire day Wednesday. It all depends on how much rain we see and how moderate to heavy it is. Could it be June 1st will be a cold day? Our average high for June 1st is 82 degrees. We will likely not even come close!

By the way hurricane season starts Wednesday. Oh what fun!