How Dry We Are!!

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Sorry for the lack of posts the past few weeks. Strange schedules here in the Weather Center have pulled me away from the blog lately, but now things are getting back to normal once again. I wish I could use the word normal to describe the rainfall situation across North Carolina, but we are drying up quickly!

Here are some of the rainfall deficits for selected cities across the state. These are deficits year to date.

Raleigh-Durham International: -5.55"

Hatteras: -2.31"

Greensboro: -5.49"

Asheville: -5.80"

Charlotte: -.75" (not too bad)

Wilmington: -2.57"

Lumberton: -12.09" (bone dry!!!)

Unfortunately for the next few days the weather pattern should remain dry for the state. However we notice some interesting trends in the models for the weekend. WRAL WeatherScope shows the upper level winds and lower level winds coming off the Atlantic over the weekend. Also there is a buildup of tropical moisture across the Bahamas that might move towards us by late Saturday and into Sunday. If this trend remains steady we could be looking at an increase in shower and thunderstorm activity by late Saturday into Monday. Let's keep our fingers crossed!