Bake at 95 Degrees For 48 Hours Then Cool...

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Ok you hot weather fans we got a forecast you will love....

Ok you cooler weather fans we got a forecast you will love....

Ok I am not bipolar but the forecast is over the next few days.

Right now as we speak a strong ridge of high pressure is building over the mid- Mississippi Valley. Within the ridge the air is sinking and as it does so it is compressed and significantly warmed. This ridge builds into North Carolina today through tomorrow. Along with the ridge a westerly component to the wind will develop Saturday. The two combined will increase the heat dramatically across the state for Saturday and Sunday. Forecast highs are expected to range from the mid-upper 90s both days. With high humidity the heat index will range from 105-110 degrees.

I know some folks that just crave heat like this. I have not figured the joys of heat like this yet. For those of you who think along the same lines as myself I have some weather for you. There is a strong upper level trough of low pressure moving through southern Canada right now. This will deliver a cold front to North Carolina and Virginia late Sunday. Preceding the front will be another hot day with highs in the mid 90s. This cold front will be accompanied by a few showers and storms some of which may become strong or severe.

Now what I am looking forward to is what comes behind the frontal boundary...A bonified cooler air mass. Not only will the heat drop for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, there will be a noticeable drop in humidity. This won't be a clean cold frontal passage. The front may hang up at the coast and keep clouds in the forecast Monday and Tuesday.

So we appear to have a forecast that everyone will enjoy...Well maybe everyone...I don't know about Greg though since there is no snow in the forecast!!!!!