Meteorologically Delicious!!

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We are a week into Fall and really lacking the cool weather that would signify it is really Autumn. Well that is about to change if only for a short time.

As we speak a cold front is moving through the Mississippi Valley. It currently stretches from Wisconsin southward into north Texas. Along the front thunderstorms have erupted from Eastern Oklahoma northward into Wisconsin. Normally I would get excited about a front like this since we need the rain so badly and typically we could see a good rain event from a system like this.

Unfortunately there are two things that will prevent us from seeing good rain from the cold front.

One, the main energy or lift that would create the rain will pass by well to our north. States to the north from D.C. to New England actually have a decent shot at rain tomorrow.

Two, the Gulf of Mexico is closed for business! Typically ahead of a front like this we would see strong, deep southerly winds from the Gulf that would carry moisture to feed the front so-to-speak. This won't happen with this cold front.

So we have two strikes against us to see rain out of this system. (By the way our deficit at RDU stands at 6.07" for the year)

On the positive front, we are going to be experiencing a cool treat. The air will cool and significantly dry out once the front passes and the air mass builds in. The dew points will fall well into the 40s which signifies a huge drop in humidity.

High temperatures on Friday will range from the upper 60s-low 70s in the northern counties and southern Virginia to the low-mid 70s in the southern counties.

Enjoy! You know both Greg and myself will eat up this preview of what is to come.