Dust off the Umbrellas!!!

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Ok it's time to get excited about the weather again!!

It has been a dull 7 weeks....Warmer than normal temperatures and now a moderate drought has killed my enthusiasm for the weather that should be during this time of year a whole lot wetter and certainly cooler by now.

It's October 5th! Where's the crisp evening air we enjoy while taking a walk in the neighborhood? Where are the chilly early fall rains? Well we are looking at a definitive reversal in our dull weather over the next few days thanks to tropical storm Tammy and a cool front.

Tammy will move into the Jacksonville, Florida area this evening with most of the attending rainfall north of the center across Georgia and South Carolina. As Tammy moves to the north and northwest the rain will spread north and west across North Carolina.

Now the remnants of Tammy will only get just so far west before a cold front will halt its forward motion. The front will initiate southerly winds aloft directing the moisture towards North Carolina. This whole process will take up to 3 days. During that time our air mass will be saturated! There is the potential for multiple inches of rain from this system. WRAL Weatherscope suggests up to 4" of rain possible across our part of the state. Isolated amounts higher than this are certainly possible.

We are looking at the best chance of rain this area has seen since mid August and the most widespread soaking rain that we have seen since Springtime.

So get your umbrellas ready because if all goes as we believe it will they(the umbrellas) should get a good workout!!!

Once the front passes over the weekend some drier air will scoot into the area and cooler, crisp nights should be the result.