Halloween Fireballs

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"This is not a Halloween prank. Now that we have prefaced this email with that, last night around 2100 I happened to be outside in Wake Forest and looking toward the NE and saw perhaps the brightest and largest "shooting star" I have ever seen. It appeared to be going south to north. After really thinking about it further I know I saw a "contrail" behind this "shooting star" and thought well maybe it is a meteor or a satellite burning on entry. Have you heard anything to this affect? "

"Either a meteor just went by our house or a plane having a major problem. We stay in N. Moore Co. near Harpers Crossroads. Curios to know what it was..."

"At 9:14 PM tonight I witnessed a most impressive comet streaking across the northern sky. More impressive by far than anything I have ever witnessed in my 62 years. I wonder if anybody else saw it?"

"We were coming out of Raleigh on 264 headed west . Shortly after hitting 64W right before Leith dealership we saw a huge meteor. A fire ball and very long tail, it lit up the sky. It was about 9:30. I am 54 and have never seen anything like it. I was driving and my husband thought it was lightning until he saw the tail. It was truly amazing. A great Halloween treat. You just don't get a show like that but once in a lifetime."

"I live in northwestern Wake County and we were outside around 9:15 PM tonight and the whole sky lit up, like lightening but with no sound. I was wondering if anyone else reported seeing this?"

These are just a few of the emails we received Monday Halloween night after a fireball was seen shooting across North Carolina. What we didn't know was that this was not the only fireball that night and we were not the only viewers to see it across North America that night. There were reports from North Carolina and Virginia to the west coast and north into Canada.

What were/are these fireballs and are more to come??? To find out more check out the following
link from NASA.....