Here We Go Again!!!

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Here we are just 2 months into 2006 and we find ourselves returning to a moderate drought situation for the majority of the WRAL-TV 5 viewing area.

The orange areas denote which counties are in the moderate drought and the yellow areas are the counties which are considered abnormally dry.

Last week only 6 counties were considered in a moderate drought with Wake, Durham, Orange, Person, Granville and Franklin highlighted in the Orange. You can see by the graphic below how that has expanded in a weeks time.

The drought is expected to linger or perhaps intensify into the Spring as drier than normal conditions are anticipated due to the current 'La Nina' weather pattern.

For a refresher on the 'La Nina' weather pattern check out this link.

The current 'La Nina' may persist for another 3-6 months. If that is the case we will see the drought intensify into the summer months!