April Showers Indeed !!

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April ended up being a warm, wet month. Rainfall totaled nearly 5 inches (4.93”) which is more that 2” (2.13”) above normal (2.80”) making it the 4th wettest since 1944. Not too many complaints there considering the drought situation, we just need a few more months like that.

Temperatures averaged about 3.5 degrees above normal, making it the 5th warmest since 1944. We tied a record high on the 16th when we hit 89 degrees, and on the 27th we tied the record low maximum by only reaching 54 degrees.

May starts off with a normal high of 75 and a normal low of 51. By the end of the month those numbers go up to 82 and 61 respectively. Back in 1953 on May 31st, the high reached 97, the warmest ever recorded for this month, the coldest ever recorded for May was on the 2nd in 1963 when it got down to 29. May 10th of 1977 the morning low was 31 which was not only a record for that date, but the latest date in the spring we have had sub-freezing temperatures. Back in 1939, on May 2nd, a trace of snow was reported.