Calm Before More Storms!

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Gray has been the color of choice in the skies the past few days. At least today we finally started to see the sun shine on through in most places. I don't know about you but after a couple of days, the gray skies make me moody.

I need a return to bright blue skies! Unfortunately I will not get my wish until Friday after an active cold front moves through the region on Thursday. Accompanying that front will be another round of showers and storms.

With the wet fronts becoming more frequent these days we are likely to put an increasing dent in our drought. Check in on Thursday for the updated drought status.

Wednesday we see a return to variably cloudy skies. What we deem a mix of sun and clouds. There may be periods where we have mostly cloudy skies and periods where we see the sunshine. There is only a slight chance for a shower during the afternoon. Notice in the graphic above there is another cold front to our west on Wednesday. Showers and storms will be ongoing through the day from the lower Mississippi Valley northward through the upper Midwest. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has parts of Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky in a moderate risk for severe storms Wednesday. That cold front heads east on Thursday bringing its bounty our way.

Thursday the cold front moves into North Carolina in the morning. There is the potential for ongoing showers and storms to reach Central North Carolina by daybreak and then a lull in the activity towards lunchtime. If we see more sunshine emerge around lunchtime into early afternoon, the atmosphere could destabilize enough for more storms to develop late Thursday and into Thursday evening. We will be on the lookout for some strong storms with this cold front. Once our front is to the east on Friday, high pressure builds in allowing for more sunshine. But an interesting upper level air pattern seems to be setting up thereafter. Our weather may remain cooler than normal in the coming days. Stay tuned!
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