Drought Whittling Away!?

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This is just a quick post since Greg and I are monitoring the chance for severe weather this afternoon. The latest update from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows a marked decrease in the coverage of the drought across North Carolina this week. All the counties you see shaded in yellow in the Eastern part of the state were reduced from moderate drought to abnormally dry. So as you can see there was a substantial reduction in the size of the drought.

Now as we move forward through May and June we need to have these frequent rains remain steady so we can continue to whittle away at the drought. One good note is now the drought is more of a hydrological drought instead of an agricultural drought.

Hydrologically speaking the streamflow across the state is still considerably low with inflows into area lakes far below where it should be for this time of year. Unfortunately I don't have any available stats to share with you as I write this. Agriculturally speaking, we are hearing from some farmers saying they are having enough rain and perhaps too much since it is interrupting some from doing their Spring planting. Another issue we have heard about from farmers is the unusually cool Spring. The chill is hurting germination of some crops and as of last week there was some fear of replanting having to take place.

Only time will tell how the situation will resolve itself. Here's to more rain and warmer temperatures!