A Soggy Mother’s Day

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The forecast is not the best for any outdoor activities for Mom this Sunday. It looks like a good chance of showers across the state and some thunderstorms for us and the coast. Although it seems we have had plenty of rain lately (April was the 4th wettest on record) we still need more, so it’s hard to complain about any rain we do get.

From the “it could be worse” department, over Mother's Day weekend in 2003, tornadoes touched down in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Missouri. In fact, there were a record-breaking 434 tornadoes the first 10 days of May in 2003. The high number of storms was caused by the combination of an active jet stream and a mass of warm, moist air over the middle of the United States. The jet stream sent numerous low-pressure systems moving over the Midwest. Those systems collided with the warm, humid air and resulted in powerful storm systems that became perfect for spawning tornadoes. In addition to the tornadoes, hail the size of golf balls and grapefruit fell across parts of Iowa and Arkansas.

So, maybe a little rain isn’t so bad.

Happy Mother’s Day!