Drought Update

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The drought appears to be easing somewhat across parts of the state as we have been seeing frequent rain events here in Central and Eastern North Carolina. The same cannot be said for the western part of the state. There the drought seems to be growing.

The weekly update shows a return to severe drought across an area that previously was not in that category of drought back in March and April. Lack of rainfall has contributed to the spread of severe drought from South Carolina into North Carolina.

As of today here are some of the latest rainfall deficits. Notice the western part of the state seems to be suffering more.

Raleigh: -5.43"
Asheville: -6.40"
Charlotte: -8.55"
Greensboro -6.65"
Fayetteville: -6.10"
Wilmington: -7.00"
Greer,SC: -9.90"

We have another chance for rain tonight and tomorrow morning!