Some Cool Clouds

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Being a meteorologist is so cool, but unfortunately we spend way too much time indoors and don't get to actually enjoy weather when it occurs. Luckily we have great viewers that are out and about and snap some awesome shots of cool clouds.

Here are a bunch of pictures viewers have sent in over the past couple of days. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

These first two pictures come from John Faircloth. John snapped these shots of a thunderstorm over Oak Island on the 12th of June. These are very impressive. Note what looks like the rain shaft on the right hand side of the pictures.

These next 3 pictures come from Fayetteville. 12yr old Sarah O'Hern used her digital camera as some clouds from a dying thunderstorm moved across her neighborhood the evening of June 27th. These clouds look very threatening but there were no reports of severe weather in Cumberland county. Her father said they thought a tornado was coming through but of course there was no tornado.

These final shots come from Cumberland county as well and another vantage point of the same storm that came through Sarah's neighborhood. They were sent in by PFC Jory Mathis. His roommate at Ft. Bragg, PFC Wesley Leonhardt, shot these cool pictures.

Remember if you see some wild clouds, grab your digital camera and shoot away. We love seeing cloud formations and severe weather in action. Thanks for stopping by!