Holiday Odds and Ends....

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There are a few interesting tidbits I ran across on the web today that I wanted to pass along. I thought they were remarkable and of interest to those who have a passion for weather.

There are two links.

The first link is to an interesting anomalous propagation return on a Doppler radar out of Wisconsin. You hear us on WRAL from time to time talking about how that sometimes what you see on the radar is not really rain. Well the meteorologists in Wisconsin found an interesting AP pattern on their radar one evening in June. Check it out!

This next link is to a video of a waterspout that took place off the coast of Louisiana. Be patient if you have a slow internet connection since it took a while on my T1 connection here at work. It is worth the time. Check it out!

Watch The Video

I hope everyone had a safe and fun July 4th Holiday. Boy was it ever hot!