Stormy Weather

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Showers and thunderstorms rumbled through the northern parts of the region late yesterday into last night. Numerous incidents of severe weather came were reported, including trees and power lines down around Roxboro with wind damage also reported in Franklin and Warren counties. There was penny sized hail near Enfield and Roanoke Rapids in Halifax County and flash flooding on Duke Street in Durham. Lightning is the suspect in house fires in Wake and Chatham counties.

More strong storms are expected this afternoon with heavy rains and downburst winds should be the main culprit. One of the best ways to keep informed of impending severe weather (besides watching us, of course) is to get a Tone Alert Weather Radio. As much as we would like to have you watching us 24/7, you do need to get some sleep now and then, and a Tone Alert Weather Radio next to your bed can keep you informed of hazardous weather when you are asleep. In addition to weather watches and warnings, your Tone Alert Weather Radio can provide information on all types of hazards, including Civil and National Emergency Messages. When a Watch or Warning is issued, a special tone is transmitted that turns your radio on to alert you to the situation.

The Tone Alert Weather Radio can be purchased at local radio and TV stores, at specialty electronics shops, at stores specializing in boat and marine products, and online. There are basic models and there are models that allow you to program which counties you receive warnings for. I have two in my house, one in the bedroom, and one in the kitchen. When my oldest daughter started Elementary school, I asked the principal how she got severe weather information and she said it comes from Central Office. I went out that morning and bought a Tone Alert Weather Radio for the school office. You may want to check with your children’s school to see if they are properly equipped.

For more information check out the National Weather Service Raleigh Office website at: