Vacation Time!

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I was off last week on vacation at Holden Beach with my entire family. The best part of being a meteorologist on vacation is I can actually enjoy the weather. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it when I’m at work surrounded by the best equipment money can buy. It’s just that sometimes it is fun just to sit and watch a storm go by and not have a twinge of guilt about whether I should be at work helping.

I had a couple nice opportunities to just sit and watch storms rumble by last week and I enjoyed it immensely! Dark skies, gusty winds and some wonderful lightning displays made for some great viewing. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and in the past I have taken some nice weather photos on film, my favorites being of lightning. So, needless to say, I was at it with the digital camera as the storms popped up around us last week. I’ll save you from the entire vacation photos and just show you my favorite of a lightning bolt down the beach a bit.

There is a lot of beauty in all types of weather, don’t forget to stop and take it in. A rainy day at the beach gives you a nice break from the sun, and besides, a bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at work.