Being 'winter aware'

Posted Updated
27 Dec 2010 Snow
Mike Moss

If you've read some of the recent posts here, you know the prospects for winter weather in the coming season are rather uncertain - while it is possible we could have a quiet and mild winter, it is also possible we could see a few significant snow and/or ice events, and it's always a good idea to review ways to be well prepared to deal with these kinds of storms.

The National Weather Service makes a point of helping everyone do just that about this time each year with "Winter Awareness Week," which began yesterday and runs through Saturday, Dec 3rd. For each day of the campaign, the Raleigh NWS office has prepared an informative write-up on different aspects of winter weather, it's impacts, and ways to negotiate the season safely.  I've included links here for all of the daily documents - they've done a nice job with these, and I encourage everyone to have a look...


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