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Posted November 21, 2018 9:15 p.m. EST

A very cold Thanksgiving Day is expected for the Northeast, with blustery conditions in New England that can lead to temperatures that may feel below zero. Winds will ease later in the day over the Mid-Atlantic states.

Most of the eastern parts of the country can expect dry weather and some sunshine, but there will be some precipitation. There will be patchy fog and drizzles, with temperatures near or below freezing in parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. Spotty ice will develop over the central and southern Plains. Farther south, areas from Texas to Florida can expect patchy clouds and spotty showers. Some areas prone to flooding during times of high tide from eastern Florida to North Carolina may experience some problems caused by a strong east to northeast wind.

Much of the unsettled weather will occur west of the Rockies. A few storms are expected to roll in from the Pacific Ocean and move inland. Expect a broad area of rain and mountain snow from Washington, Oregon and Northern California to Idaho, Utah and northwestern Arizona. Isolated areas of flash flooding and mudslides can occur in burn areas.

FOCUS: One Of The Coldest Thanksgivings Ever

This Thanksgiving holiday will be the one of the coldest on record throughout the Northeast as temperatures will be to the 10s and 20s in many areas. The wind will make the air feel bitterly colder. Record lows will be challenged across the region Thursday night.