National News


Posted November 15, 2018 10:30 p.m. EST

A major storm Friday will continue to affect the Northeast. While rain may cause flooding in southeastern New England, snow will pile up over northern New York and New England. Ice will glaze trees, power lines and roads between the regions. The storm will wind down, allowing crews to clean snow, ice and debris off roads in the Midwest, central Appalachian Mountains and the Mid-Atlantic. Power failures may remain for a few days in some communities that experienced a heavy buildup of ice.

Lake-effect snow and flurries will develop around the Great Lakes, where heavy snow will fall.

Areas from the northern Rockies to the northern Plains can expect snowy and colder conditions. Arctic air will push south, causing heavy snow to fall in Montana and eastern Idaho to parts of the Dakotas. A few areas may receive up to a foot of snow across the northern Rockies.

The rest of the nation can expect dry weather and some sunshine, which should be good news for many travelers getting an early start on their Thanksgiving break. Light winds are forecast for California, which should aid firefighting efforts.

Focus: Meteor Shower Viewing Conditions

The Leonid Meteor shower takes place this weekend and viewing conditions are expected to be good from the northern Plains to the central Southwest. Clouds may obscure the show for the central Plains to the interior Northeast.