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Posted November 8, 2018 9:28 p.m. EST

A large storm system will affect much of the eastern half of the nation Friday. Snow will accumulate across the Upper Midwest. A large swath of 1 to 3 inches is expected in northern Michigan, with some areas topping 6 inches. Rain is in the offing for the Northeast. There will be a wintry mix on the front end over northern New England, changing to snow on the tail end over the central Appalachians. Some heavy thunderstorms and a swath of showers will extend across much of the Southeast. Rain will soak areas from southern Louisiana to South Texas.

Colder air will pour in behind the storm over the Plains. A small batch of snow is expected to streak across the central Plains. Locally heavy lake-effect snow is forecast to develop over the upper Great Lakes later in the day and into the night, then spreading into the eastern Great Lakes and central Appalachians on Saturday. Parts of northern Michigan and northern and central New York state may receive a foot of lake-effect snow.

In the West, most areas can expect sunny and warm conditions. An exception to the dry weather will be spotty rain showers in Washington, Idaho and western Montana. Gusting winds will raise the risk of wildfire ignition in coastal Southern California.

FOCUS: Weather Pattern Next Week

It will be unseasonably cold from the Plains to the Eastern States. An area of building high pressure over the West Coast will lead to a warming trend from Washington to California.