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Posted November 6, 2018 9:26 p.m. EST

In the wake of the recent wet weather, drier conditions will prevail Wednesday across much of the Northeast. It will be brisk and cooler. As the colder air moves across the still-warm Great Lakes, lake-effect showers will develop. Wet snow may mix with rain at some of the higher elevations.

Chilly winds will also blow across the northern Plains. Temperatures will be below normal for this time of year, despite some sunshine breaking through clouds. Dry weather will extend south through the central Plains.

A storm will bring showers and thunderstorms from central Texas across the Deep South and the Gulf Coast to the Carolina coast. While widespread severe weather is not expected, some heavier downpours could briefly reduce visibility and result in ponding water on roads.

While the Colorado Rockies should remain dry, a storm system will begin moving south across the northern Rockies. This will result in snow from northern Idaho and western Montana to northern Wyoming.

A high-pressure system off the coast of Southern California will bring a dry day to much of the West, increasing the risk of wildfires in the Bay Area.

FOCUS: Weather Pattern Change Late This Week

A significant change in the weather pattern is expected across North America starting late this week, bringing the coldest air of the season to the Midwest and East. Temperatures across the region are expected to be 10 to 20 degrees below normal by early next week.