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Posted September 9, 2018 9:32 p.m. EDT

A strong storm system will continue to sweep northeast Monday across the Middle Atlantic and New England. The greatest risk of heavy rain and flash flooding will stretch from the central Appalachians through New York state and into western New England. Rain will help ease pockets of drought in upstate New York and New England. Gusty winds are also expected, which may result in tree and power line damage in parts of the interior.

Showers and thunderstorms will drench the rest of the East Coast and the Gulf Coast. There may be flash flooding along the Texas coast. Cloudy, damp conditions will keep temperatures up to 10 degrees below normal for early September.

A mainly dry, pleasant day is expected across much of the Central States. A storm system moving through Canada may bring spotty showers and thunderstorms to Minnesota. The rest of the central and northern Plains can expect some sunshine.

A storm system is projected to move through the Interstate 5 corridor of the Pacific Northwest, bringing rain. The Southwest should remain dry. Hurricane Florence will continue to approach the East Coast, with possible landfall late this week.

Focus: Potentially Severe Weather in the Carolinas

Severe wind, rain and tidal flooding may affect the coastal Carolinas later this week as Hurricane Florence approaches. The storm is expected to remain at major hurricane status as it heads northwest over open water between Bermuda and the Bahamas.