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Posted July 22, 2018 8:17 p.m. EDT

Tropical moisture will lead to a widespread zone of showers and thunderstorms stretching from Florida to New England Monday. Downpours may trigger flash flooding, with the threat highest across the Middle Atlantic states, where the ground is saturated from weekend rainfalls. The risk of flooding is expected to escalate and threaten more communities across the East as the week progresses and more downpours occur.

Thunderstorms are also expected in the vicinity of eastern Louisiana. Some of these thunderstorms may turn severe, with damaging winds and downpours.

Record heat will once again bake most of Texas, but the state’s panhandle and neighboring parts of the central High Plains will see the heat subside as showers and thunderstorms make their way into the region. Some of the thunderstorms may be heavy. Spotty thunderstorms will also rumble in the Northeast to Minnesota.

Drier air will filter from Montana to the northern Plains, with temperatures held at slightly below-normal levels in many communities. Heat will otherwise have a firm grip on the rest of the West. Thunderstorms dotting the Great Basin in the afternoon could spark wildfires.

— FOCUS: Hot Week in Pacific Northwest

Unusually hot air will spill west of the Cascade Range this week, bringing a heat wave to Seattle, Portland and other cities in the region. The high temperature will reach at least 10 to 15 degrees above normal, potentially rivaling current record highs.