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Posted July 21, 2018 2:29 p.m. EDT

A change in the weather pattern will bring showers across the East on Sunday. A storm system over the Ohio Valley will produce showers and thunderstorms in the Great Lakes. Along the East Coast, there will be spotty showers throughout the weekend. Some areas will have a break from the wet weather early in the day, while others will have on-and-off rain all day. The majority of the storms are not expected to turn severe; however, thunderstorms from southern South Carolina into north-central Florida could contain gusty winds and perhaps some hail.

For the rest of the country, most areas will have a dry end to the weekend. Clouds and some showers will linger in Wisconsin, Illinois and parts of Iowa. A cold front sweeping through the Dakotas will bring some showers and heavy thunderstorms that could contain gusty winds. There will be isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening in the mountains of Colorado, Utah and Nevada. In these generally dry locations, any lightning strikes could spark a new wildfire.

There is a chance of afternoon thunderstorms in the Sierra Nevada. Otherwise, the Southwest and the Northwest will be hot and dry.

Focus: High Heat in Southwest

The intense heat in the South Central states will move westward into the middle of the week. Temperatures will approach record levels across Southern California and the deserts of the Southwest, increasing the possibility of a wildfire.