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Posted June 20, 2018 11:30 p.m. EDT

A dry, sunny day with low humidity will prevail from the upper Great Lakes to the central Appalachians and New England. Showers will move out of the upper Mid-Atlantic and the southeastern New England Coast in the morning. Downpours are expected to soak Ohio, Kentucky, the Virginias and North Carolina.

Afternoon thunderstorms will stretch across the Florida Peninsula. An air mass will keep parts of Georgia and South Carolina dry, while showers and storms move into Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

Showers and drenching storms are projected to stretch from Iowa and Illinois to southeastern Texas and Louisiana. The greatest risk for flooding, damaging winds and severe storms will be centered on the Mississippi and lower Ohio Valleys. Coastal Texas will turn dry overnight after days of flooding rain.

As the Pacific Northwest cools down, following days of unseasonable warmth, intense heat will persist throughout the Southwest. Highs may come within a few degrees of record levels. Showers and storms will affect the northern Rocky Mountains. Most of the West can expect a dry day.

FOCUS: Thunderstorms Interrupt Southeast Heat

A hot and steamy weather pattern will prevail across the Southeast through the weekend. Still, there will be a break in the heat Friday as numerous showers and thunderstorms occur. A storm system crossing the Tennessee Valley will fuel the storms, resulting in downpours.