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Posted June 16, 2018 3:10 p.m. EDT

For the second half of the weekend, a high pressure off the Carolina Coast will continue to help create the heat and humidity across much of the Northeast and Midwest down through the Middle Atlantic. Temperatures in many places will be soaring into the 90s during the afternoon Sunday.

This high pressure will also help to steer tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean into the Southeast and Gulf Coast this weekend. Downpours could bring lower visibility and flash flooding, especially in central and eastern Texas and into Louisiana, where the heaviest rain will be.

Meanwhile, a storm system in the Colorado Rockies will bring periods of showers and thunderstorms from Idaho and Utah to the Upper Midwest. Storms from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Wisconsin, southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and northeastern Nebraska could contain gusty winds and torrential downpours that lead to reduced visibility and flash flooding.

Much of the Southwest will be dry, but some showers will push across Oregon, northern Nevada and northeastern California. The Pacific Coast will be dry, with cooler air filtering into Montana and North Dakota.

FOCUS: Downpours to Target Texas

A tropical disturbance in the western Gulf of Mexico will send moisture into the Texas coast into Tuesday. While the rainfall will help to ease the ongoing drought, enough rain may fall in a short amount of time to cause flooding problems.