National News


Posted May 5, 2018 3:17 p.m. EDT

A storm system off the coast of the Northeast will bring soggy weather for parts of the country Sunday. Showers are expected from Illinois and Michigan to New England.

Rain looks to be steadiest across northern Virginia to eastern Pennsylvania and southern New England, but there may be thunder from Illinois to Ohio. Temperatures in these areas will be on the lower side, compared with the warm spell in many places at the start of the month.

In the Southeast, dry weather and sunshine will resume for most of the region. Showers will be found across North Carolina, with spotty showers and thunderstorms across central and South Florida. Warm and sunny skies are expected from Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, up through most of the central and northern Plains today.

Despite some afternoon thunderstorms in the Cascades and the northern Rockies, temperatures will be above normal. Warm air will also hold in places across the Southwest, except for coastal locations, which will remain cooler.

FOCUS: Wet And Cooler Weekend in Store

Following a stormy and unseasonably warm end to the week, the northeastern United States will experience a cool and rainy weekend. Showers were expected to encroach into the Mid-Atlantic on Saturday before overtaking New York and New England through Sunday.