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Posted May 2, 2018 9:52 p.m. EDT

Warmth more typical of midsummer than spring will extend Thursday from the Gulf and Southeast coasts to the Mid-Atlantic, southern New England and the Ohio Valley. A high-pressure system is expected to linger off the coast of the Carolinas. A clockwise flow of air around the system will pump more humid air north from the Gulf of Mexico. Record highs may be challenged in some spots.

Showers and thunderstorms will extend from Texas to Michigan and Maine. Storms from northeastern Texas to Illinois are most likely to turn severe. This may result in a few tornadoes along with strong gusts, torrential downpours and frequent lightning strikes. There may also be large hail in spots. Storms from the lower Great Lakes to New York and western New England may also be severe, with strong winds, flash flooding and hail. Rain and high-country snow will linger over parts of Colorado.

Much of the rest of the West and the northern Plains can expect a dry day, with at least partial sunshine. A large mass of unusually cool air for early May will linger over much of the West while some warmth returns to Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

FOCUS: Severe Thunderstorms From the Midwest to Texas

A Pacific storm crossing the Plains on Thursday will fuel strong to severe thunderstorms from Texas to Illinois into Thursday night. This may result in damaging winds, large hail, torrential downpours and tornadoes.