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Posted January 17, 2018 9:49 p.m. EST

Chilly air will linger in the eastern United States on Thursday, while warming commences from the Rockies and the Plains to the Mississippi Valley. A large area of high pressure will settle east over the South, creating a clockwise flow of air over the region. A west-to-southwest breeze will develop over the Central States. Temperatures are expected to rise 30 to 50 degrees in the afternoon, compared to Wednesday morning. Most parts of the central states and the East should be dry. Spotty snow is expected in the northern and eastern Great Lakes. Some rain will fall across parts of South Texas.

In the West, a few storms will move ashore from the Pacific in northern areas. Rain and mountain snow will extend from Northern California to Washington and southern Idaho. Mostly snow is projected for northwestern Montana and northern Idaho. Snow is expected to dip to pass levels in the Washington Cascades. Gusty winds will batter coastal areas and the high country.

Most of the Southwest can expect dry weather and at least partial sunshine. Spotty showers will develop in Southern California by the end of the week, but the rain should not cause any new flooding or mudslides.

FOCUS: Arctic Air Retreats Late This Week

A major pattern change will force the arctic air mass over the Northeast to retreat into northeastern Canada beginning this weekend. By early next week, afternoon temperatures may reach the 50s across the Middle Atlantic and the Ohio Valley.