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Posted January 14, 2018 7:24 p.m. EST

A storm from Canada will spread snow showers across the Midwest on Monday. While accumulation should only reach a few inches in most areas, the frigid air will allow snow to quickly stick to roads and sidewalks. The snow will extend to the central High Plains along the storm’s cold front. In the wake of the front, brisk winds will bring fresh, bitter cold into the northern Plains. Temperatures are not expected to rise above zero in many spots.

The front will drop south, ushering much colder air into the south-central states. Enough moisture should be in place for snow and ice to develop across the region late in the day and at night.

Ahead of the storm, most of the East will remain dry, with temperatures about 10 degrees below normal in the Northeast. Ocean-effect snow showers and flurries will affect eastern Massachusetts. A few showers will occur along Florida’s southeastern coast.

Rain will move into Oregon and Northern California. Southern California will remain dry, facilitating mudslide cleanup efforts. Cooler air flowing in from the ocean will moderate the weekend’s warmth.

Focus: Possible Snow in the East on Wednesday

Light to moderate snow may occur in the East on Tuesday night and into Wednesday as two low-pressure systems strengthen offshore. By Thursday, dry air from the west will end any threat of snow, before significant warming expected late in the week.