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Posted January 13, 2018 2:39 p.m. EST

Arctic air will dominate much of the country Sunday. Cold air will abound from the northern Plains through the Great Lakes and into the Northeast, as well as much of the Southeast. Sunshine is expected in the East, but a cool wind along the Atlantic Coast will make it feel colder than the actual temperatures from Maine to Florida. The northern Plains will be coldest, where temperatures will struggle to reach the single digits.

There may be a few lake-effect snow bands off the Great Lakes, but the majority of the wet weather will remain in the Plains. A storm will drop southward from the Canadian Prairies into the Upper Midwest, spreading snow from Wisconsin and Missouri to Montana. In most places, snowfall accumulations will be light; however, several inches are possible in parts of Minnesota and eastern Montana.

There will be two high pressure systems in the West, one over Idaho and another on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Both systems will create dry weather from the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest to Texas. The stillness in the air will allow for fog to develop in the Central Valleys of California.

FOCUS: Snow to Target Central and Eastern U.S.

A fresh mass of arctic air will pave the way for snow across the Midwest and Northeast. Snow will spread from the Dakotas to New York and Massachusetts into Tuesday. The storm may strengthen upon reaching the Mid-Atlantic Coast.