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Posted January 6, 2018 2:55 p.m. EST

The brutally cold Arctic air mass is expected to become less extreme across the Great Lakes and the Northeast on Sunday as a storm system approaches. This storm will bring light snow to parts of Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. Farther south, there may be a mix of rain, snow and ice across parts of Missouri and southern Illinois.

The same storm will bring some rainfall Sunday to portions of eastern Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Much of the Eastern Seaboard will remain dry as high pressure remains in control.

In the western United States, it will stay dry across much of California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. A weak storm moving through the Rockies may bring some morning snow to the Colorado Rockies, but the Front Range should remain dry.

A new storm system will approach the Pacific Northwest on Sunday. As it nears the coast, some rain will spread into western Washington and northwestern Oregon. A few inches of snow may also fall across the Washington Cascades, mainly above 3,000 feet. By the end of the day, light rain and snow may spread eastward into portions of western Montana as well.

Focus: Storm to Dampen Central States

A storm will unleash rain, snow and some ice across the central states Sunday. Snow will skirt across the upper Great Lakes, and a light icy mix may glaze some roads in the central Plains and the mid-Mississippi Valley.