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Posted December 25, 2017 6:21 p.m. EST

A biting wind will blow across the Northeast on Tuesday and form drifts of the snow that recently fell. As the frigid air streams over the relatively milder water of the Great Lakes, snow and squalls will persist downwind of the lakes. More than 1 foot of snow may pile up in some communities through the middle of the week.

While the winds will usher in frigid air across the Northeast, the harshest conditions will be found in the Upper Midwest, where daytime temperatures will once again be held below zero from North Dakota to northern Wisconsin. A band of snow will streak from the central Rockies to Nebraska during Tuesday morning. The snow will fizzle to flurries when it reaches the middle Mississippi Valley during the day.

To the south, rain will dampen Texas and Louisiana. Enough cold air will be in place for a wintry mix across north-central Texas, which may spread to the Texas Panhandle on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, much of the West will be dry with mild air prevailing over much-needed rain in the Southwest. The calm conditions will not last long in the Northwest as a bit of rain will spread back onto the coast late in the day.

FOCUS: Potential Late-Week Ice Throughout South

Cold air will push deep into the southern part of the country during the middle and later part of the week. Moisture associated with a storm system may then result in freezing rain and sleet across parts of the region from Thursday into Friday.