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Posted December 22, 2017 9:35 p.m. EST

A storm will affect much of the eastern third of the nation Saturday. Rain is forecast in areas from southern New England and the central Appalachians to part of the Tennessee Valley, southern Appalachians and central Gulf Coast. Some of the rain may be heavy in this corridor. Fog may also reduce the visibility for a time in the same zone. As milder air advances north, so will a zone of ice in northern New England and northern New York state. Previous snow and new ice may be enough to bring down trees and power lines in some areas. Meanwhile, colder air will allow snow to depart Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri and extend to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

Farther west, snow is forecast over the central Rockies. Snow showers will linger over the interior Northwest. While heavy snow is not forecast, some roads may become slippery as the snow extends across part of the central Plains at night.

Elsewhere, aside from a few snow showers over the upper Great Lakes, the nation can expect dry weather. Warmth will hold over the southeastern corner while cold air is forecast over the central states. No rain is expected for much of California through the coming week. Winds will remain light this weekend.

FOCUS: Weather Pattern Next Week

Cold air is expected to expand from the northern Plains to the Middle Atlantic and Northeast region. Cold air crossing the Great Lakes will continue to trigger lake-effect snow. Dry and mild weather will dominate across the Southwest.