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Want a holiday job? Know where to look

Posted October 29, 2014 5:46 p.m. EDT

— Tis’ the season to apply for seasonal employment.

With an expected 800,000 openings nationwide, experts say it may be easier to get a holiday job this year than in the past. But potential workers need to know where to look.

Retailers say their applicant pool is getting younger, so many are using social media and Craigslist rather than traditional outlets to advertise jobs.

Michelle Vaughn got a jump-start with a part-time job at a Halloween shop in Raleigh.

“My husband and I did need a little bit of supplemental income just to help us out,” said Vaughn, a stay-at-home mom.

But in a week, when the ghosts and goblins are shelved for another year, she and her coworkers will be on the job hunt again.

Even with more jobs out there, the competition is stiff.

“I applied to, in the last month, maybe 20 different places,” seasonal worker Aranza Portugal said. “Of the 20, I think maybe two called back.”

Charles Mitchell, with the career recruiting firm All About People, says applicants can maximize their chances of getting hired by applying now because most retailers make hiring decisions by the end of October.

Be sure to check social media for opportunities that may not be listed other places, he said. And boost your chances of a call-back by tailoring your resume to each specific job.

Mitchell says prospective workers need to show that they are the obvious choice.

“Which means show up early, volunteer to stay late, provide some ideas for a new project,” he said.