Walgreens rolling out new myWalgreens program on Nov. 5

The new myWalgreens rewards program will be available to sign up for on November 5. The Balance Rewards and Beauty Enthusiast programs are both ending.

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Walgreens announced on October 1 that they are ending the Balance Rewards and Beauty Enthusiast programs and rolling out a new myWalgreens program.
The new myWalgreens rewards program will be available to sign up for on November 5, according to the Walgreens website.

The Beauty Enthusiast program ended on October 31, 2020, but if you join the new program, you'll keep earning rewards on your beauty purchases.

Walgreens indicates that the program "is a one-of-a-kind personalized experience that makes saving, shopping and your well-being easier. Designed for the one and only you."

According to the website, members will earn 1% Walgreens Cash Rewards store wide, including the pharmacy and 5% on Walgreens brand products. You can also pick up select products in as early as 30 minutes at the drive-thru, curbside or in stores.

You'll need to sign up at the Walgreens website starting November 5, on the Walgreens App, or at Walgreens stores. The new program will be rolled out to stores during November and by November 19, you should be able to sign up in any store at checkout.

Current Balance Rewards members have until January 31, 2021 to sign up for myWalgreens if you want your point balance to roll over to the new program. If you wait until after January 31, 2021 to sign up, your point balance will be lost and the account will be deactivated.

See all the details regarding the new myWalgreens program on the Walgreens website.


Walgreens Rewards and Coupon Policy

* Must have Balance Rewards reward card to earn rewards and get sale prices

* Balance Rewards program: Earn points for qualifying purchases. Cash in points for $$ off your total purchase. 1000 points = $1 reward

* Register Rewards (RR’s) are instant rebates that print out at register after transaction.

* Cannot pay for a deal that generates a Register Reward with another Register Reward from a previous purchase from the same manufacturer

* Cannot have more coupons than products (RR’s count as coupons)

* You can “Stack” store coupons from their monthly coupon book found in stores with manufacturer’s coupons

* Only 1 coupon can be used on a BOGO sale

* If the coupon value is greater than the product cost, Walgreens will not accept the coupon.

Walgreens recently changed their coupon policy and they no longer allow a coupon on each item of a BOGO deal. In addition, they will no longer accept a coupon for an item if the price of the coupon is more than the item. See all the details on their website.

BR = Balance Rewards Points

RR = Register Rewards

You can see more details on all these programs and policies on their website at