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Wake to study neighborhood's loss of water

Posted March 14, 2011 5:05 p.m. EDT

— Wake County plans to study private wells in a north Raleigh neighborhood next month to determine if a public water company is contributing to dropping water levels.

Four of nine private wells serving homes along Norwood Oaks Drive went dry last fall, leaving residents without any water. Preliminary data from environmental inspectors pointed to pumping by Aqua North Carolina, which has large community wells nearby, as a possible reason for the lower water table.

County officials said in September that a large pumping source was drawing on the private wells between midnight and noon every day, a pattern that they said is consistent with utility companies' schedules. Inspectors requested information about Aqua's nearby pumping stations part of an investigation into well interference.

Aqua then offered to run a water line to the Norwood Oaks community, charging residents $70 each to hook to the line. Residents also would have to pay a plumber to complete the hook-up.

Residents appealed to county officials to block the water line until the county investigation was complete. Officials said Monday that they would start monitoring water levels in the neighborhood on April 4, and the study would last 30 days.