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Victim's brother disputes self-defense claim in fatal shooting

Posted July 14, 2014 1:48 p.m. EDT
Updated July 14, 2014 5:59 p.m. EDT

— The brother of a Wake Forest man killed in a shooting over the weekend is disputing claims by the shooter that the act was in self-defense.

Jeffrey Daylon Mitchell, 47, of 27 Spring Lane, died Saturday evening on the porch of 89-year-old Calvin Anderson Ray's home at 101 Jordan Lane in Wake Forest.

Ray, whom police took into custody for questioning but did not charge, told WRAL News Sunday that he shot Mitchell after Mitchell broke down the door to his home and threatened him during a dispute about a broken air conditioner.

"I've seen Calvin threaten my brother. Calvin ain't scared of nobody," Mitchell's brother, Scott Mitchell, said Monday. "He should be charged with something."

Interim District Attorney Ned Mangum, however, said that he does not anticipate any charges being filed but that his office is still reviewing the case and evidence and waiting on a medical examiner's report.

"You always want to act deliberately and carefully when you're talking about charging somebody or not charging somebody with a homicide," Mangum said. "We take these decisions – each and every one of them – very carefully.'

Scott Mitchell said his brother rented a home from Ray and that the two frequently argued over the seven years that they knew one another. None of the disagreements, however, ever escalated to violence.

"They've had many confrontations many times, but my brother would never hurt him," Scott Mitchell said.

Ray, however, said Jeffrey Mitchell had threatened him several times over the past year.

"So, I wasn't taking any chances of him killing me after busting my door open and coming in on me," Ray said Sunday.