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Wake County neighborhood on alert for coyotes

Some residents in a Raleigh neighborhood believe a coyote is responsible for the disappearance of their pets.

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Kasey Cunningham
, WRAL reporter
ROLESVILLE, N.C. — Some residents in a Rolesville neighborhood believe a coyote is responsible for the disappearance of their two cats.

One homeowner placed a trail camera at their home after their cats couldn't be found, prompting the resident to warn other neighbors who have homes on Rogers Road.

The homeowners placed a cat statue on their property as bait, which is when the coyote was caught on camera.

The family is sharing the photo to help warn their neighbors.

"It looks like a wolf," said Mike Sandfort, who lives in the area. "It's a wild animal. I mean they're going to take down whatever they're hungry for."

He said his family is going to be cautious.

"Hopefully, they won't show up and grab a kid down on this trail because there are a lot of children who ride this trail and they're on bicycles," Mike Sandfort said.

And that includes their grandchildren.

"We have small children," his wife said. "They are 2 and 5 and they're outside all the time."

The Sandforts said their home is in a newer neighborhood, where the trails were recently built, so it's possible that coyotes and other animals have been pushed out of their natural habitat. 

"These houses are less than a year old so we're kind of invading their privacy," Mike Sandfort said. "And they're still wandering around trying to figure out what's going on."

And while they do, the Sandforts said they plan on keeping a close watch of their neighborhood.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission advises people to stand tall and be assertive if they encounter a coyote.

The agency says waving your arms around may also frighten the animals away.

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